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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The other day, my friend Enna introduced me to Spaghetti Eddie's and my impression of London just got a whole lot better. 

The place is SO cool. 

It has bread in a basket hung high from your table and ABBA on the cover of your menu. The price is inexpensive for the quality of food and environment to pay to enjoy. The interior is cosy and warm. The place is an escape from uncomfortable glamour and breaking your wallet.

If you are in London and you still have not checked it out...you've got to go maintenant.

P.S. Speaking of food my friend Jasmine introduced me to Londonlicious, a food festival that gives promising discounts to a variety of restaurants from Armouries Grille to Bangkok Pad Thai <3. This is a perfect opportunity to try out restaurants you normally would not have the time or money to go and become London's dining expert. (The promotion ends on February 9th!

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