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The elders around me often say: “back in college, I used to (insert *nostalgic and embarrassing memories* here)". I acknowledge from them that my college experience marks a time period very distinct and different from the other parts of my life. I learned from the ‘adults’ of our society that the college experience would not last forever. We stop doing the things we have always done in college (or things we were at least told to do), and that is, to experiment…

We all dress most creatively in our ‘years in college’ because we live in that awkward yet privileged stage of life, where our cultural perspective begins to widen by the presence and influence of international students, where it is acceptable to make a mistake and start again, and where we are not defined by our jobs, and especially the mundane uniforms that most of us would later have to wear.

‘Years In College’ hopes to capture the styles of ‘us’, who are too young to be tamed by society and too old to obey what our family says. ‘Years In College’ promises to reflect how we express and explore our identity by the way we dress. 

On a more conceptual level, ‘Years In College’ aims to preserve a state of mind that inspires experimentation, fluidity, and courage. So that when we leave from our college experience, we will take forth this unrestrained attitude with us to the coming stages of our lives.  

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