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Saturday, June 14, 2014


I almost missed my first Nuit Blanche... The one in my city certainly cannot be matched to the Toronto version (I wish I could see something by Ai Wei Wei) but I am still grateful for the opportunity to experience tonight. Though the one-day event offered close to twenty attractions, I did not enjoy any of the activities as much as my favourite hobby, which is people watching...To stand in the middle of the road, observing crowds of strangers talking towards me, dressed not for brands but personality, was both exciting and refreshing. I can always learn so much from the other beings I see... 

Can't get enough of their attitude and the decorations around their eyes.

Art belongs in the streets. 

...what is going on? (above and below)...

It was a joy to see her so invested and absorbed in something that was not related to social media. It truly was.

*Below is a record of our conversation*

“I believe personal expression is extremely important to living a fulfilled life.”

“Why is that?”

“Because it distinguishes us from each other and it makes us more able to express our soul. Which is what we are doing here—a collaboration of different souls coming together. Right now, I am just painting the sun that’s breaking up into different orbs. And it’s getting incorporated into the greater vision of the three other artists. It’s going from geometric to organic, so a contrast of various forms.”

“How has painting in a setting like this impacted you?”

“It feels like I should be doing this more often, and I think tonight’s experience is going to promote that. I feel fulfilled. I feel like it gives me confidence to creatively express myself, and to do it again in front of more people, in different forms. And now I am more open to collaborating with others as well.” 

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